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Shogun All in One

Shogun All in One
Shogun All in One


  • New specially designed bond for speed, stability and keeping a square edge on segment
  • Reinforced core with steel plates on both sides for deflection free cuts on miter
  • lSandwich segment with notch
  • Available with Donatoni and Breton machine pin holes
  • Cut all material in just one pass
  • Simultaneously cut Quartzite, Granite, and Engineered Stone with no need to change blade
  • Quieter operation due to new steel core design


DUBSD228 : 14” x 3.2mm x 20mm x 50/60mm

DUBSD229 : 16” x 3.2mm x 20mm x 50/60mm

DUBSD230 : 18” x 3.4mm x 20mm x 50/60mm


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